GeoBerlin 2023

Geosciences Beyond Boundaries - Research, Society, Future

150th PGLA (BGR) Anniversary and 175th DGGV Anniversary 

Berlin | 3 – 7 September 2023

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Deadline: Wednesday, 3 May 2023


During the online submission of your abstract(s), you need to:

  • assign your abstract(s) to one of our CONFERENCE SESSIONS;
  • fill into the forms provided by the online system the following information: name(s), first name(s) & institution(s), country and e-mail(s) of all authors (co-authors) of your abstract(s);
  • note: a maximum of 5 authors is allowed;
  • please state whether your contribution is a TALK or POSTER;
  • whether you are interested in taking part in our STUDENTS' BEST POSTER AWARD:  Three best posters of (PhD) students will be selected by a jury and awarded. The selected posters will be awarded during the Closing Session.


Please note:

  • Your abstract can have max. 250 WORDS without authors and title.
  • A maximum of 2 contributions (thereof max.1 talk) may be submitted per presenting author BUT --->
  • there is an exception for theme 4 (Managing the Future of Earth Sciences: Data, Citizen Science, Education, Outreach): For topic 4 you can submit one more abstract - so 3 in total, max. 2 talks.



A DOI number (Digital Object Identifier System number) will be assigned to every abstract. All abstracts will be published in the DGGV media library.


A maximum of 5 authors is allowed -> Only the first 5 authors are listed in the e-publication, all other co-authors are omitted.


Copyright and GDPR for Abstracts

The undersigned hereby assigns the DGGV all rights under copyright that may exist in and to the above work and abstract including the rights to use, distribute, publish, record, broadcast, reproduce and archive the work online and offline.

The undersigned warrants that the work is original and that he * she is the author of the work. The undersigned has obtained all necessary permissions to grant the license above.

Furthermore, the undersigned grants the DGGV the permission to use, distribute, publish, record, broadcast, reproduce and archive, his * her abstract at the conference in any format or medium.

The DGGV GDPR which applies can be found here.


The author agrees that a DOI number (Digital Object Identifier System number) will be assigned to his * her abstract and the abstract will be published on the DGGV website.


The undersigned confirms that he * she has the power and authority to submit his * her abstract(s). For jointly authored works the signing author signs as authorized agent for the others.

The author agrees to present his * her contribution in presence or virtually. We are planning a presence meeting but whether that is feasible depends on the current situation in autumn 2023.




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